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Mold needs the latest tools
Author:web Views:(9459)     Date:2010-08-11

In recent years, with the globalization process, the manufacturing sector has become increasingly fierce international competition. For invincible in the competition, many enterprises are committed to "lower cost", "reduced lead times", "improve quality" and various topics in. In particular, the recent re-understanding of "Made in Japan", while the high precision mold, more efficient processing has become an important key words.
In other words, the mold processing indispensable tool - the role of cutting tools is now considered a critical factor.
In recent years, using cutting tools of the user's needs have also changed. Previously, people generally believe tools are consumables, so want to reduce the use of tools to reduce costs. Recently a shift in people's views that the tool should give full play to the role through to reduce the processing fees. This is why Hitachi Tool Company four years ago the "processing half Movement" point of view. In order to meet the changing needs of the user that the tool manufacturers need to focus on developing more efficient tools.
This article describes the following: the recent demand for the mold with the development of highly effective for finishing small diameter solid carbide end mills (Epoch deep cut fillet cutter); for roughing the high corner stand Mills (more rounded edge large feed mills); efficient processing conditions can significantly improve tool performance of the latest ultra-lubricating coatings (JX Coating) development, performance, and machined.
1. Solid carbide end mill "Epoch processing fillet end mill (Epoch Deep Radius)"
(1) cutting
In recent years, with a cutting alternative to the trend of the previous EDM more and more obvious that this demand shift gradually narrow and deep cutting the workpiece on the site. Use end mill cutting deep depth of this narrow area, the application of mainstream tools for small diameter ball end mill (Hitachi tools also produce deep slice end mills Epoch, Epoch pen deep chopper head End Mill Series). However, the use of small diameter ball end mill for high efficiency deep cutting the following questions (ie replace EDM with Cutting a problem): ① easy cutting resistance increases; ② the center of the cutting speed is hard to improve (the top central edge part of the easily damaged); ③ cutting residual part of the existing theoretical (radial cut into the amount of tool can not be too much).
Hitachi tools to solve the above problem, developed a series of small-diameter long neck fillet cut Epoch Deep End Mills. The use of small-diameter end mills for deep cutting, if the cutting tool cutting edge front-end resistance is too large will result in high vibration and cutting conditions can not be processed, thus affecting the processing efficiency. Resistance from the perspective of cutting the ball end mill and end mill corner compared R known, the latter access to smaller cutting edge, cutting resistance is relatively small.
In addition, during contour cutting, ball-end cutter cutting remnants exist in theory, in particular the cutting speed and low end chisel easily damaged. The rounded end mill machining usually a certain cutting surface, and therefore have the advantages of stable and reliable process.
Epoch is now developing deep-cut fillet cutter to prevent deep-cutting resulting flutter. To further improve processing efficiency, with the inverted cone design. This design prevents the cutting tool during the bending caused by the peripheral cutting edge materials and being contacted, which can achieve stable processing. In addition, the tool coating used with high hardness and high heat resistance, wear resistance of the TH (TiSiN) hard coating, is suitable for high hardness materials, direct deep-cutting.
The following examples introduced by Epoch deep processing mills cutting rounded features.
(2) Processing example of
① groove efficient processing examples
The efficient processing of the trench to the need to increase to some extent, step away from the XY direction, but if you use the ball end mill machining, and it will not raise the center of blade cutting speed under a lot had to reduce the load cutting conditions.
From the use of ball-milling grooves results show that: if the increased set of XY Step, the center blade Department will also increase damage level; if reduced set of XY Step, lower cutting conditions, although not observed damage to the central edge, but the front center of chisel edge wear has increased. Epoch from the use of deep trench cutting corner end mills processing the results, not only cutting stable and reduce wear on the high hardness (about 50HRC) hot forging of steel parts of the groove processing effective.
In this process instance, compared with ball-end cutter, the new rounded mills processing time required is about 1 / 4, lower processing costs more than half.
② the deep cutting of high hardness materials
From the use of long-necked type mills processing SKD11 Cold Work Die Steel (60HRC) the results that the ball end cutter peripheral cutting edge is very damaged; while processing rounded Epoch end mill no damage, only the uniform wear. Can be inferred, as the ball end cutter cutting edge contact length, so the cutting resistance is also large, high cutting speed peripheral cutting edge vulnerable. This is the same with the case of ①, round cutter has obvious advantages.
By the same processing conditions, Hitachi tools, end mills and other companies rounded corner cutter contrast can be seen, other companies in the fillet end mill design by not using the inverted cone, a high of more than 60HRC hardness of materials processing result is not satisfactory. Hitachi's new generation of tools end mills for deep cutting rounded anticline-style shape with a unique design, peripheral cutting edge for the point-contact cutting, even in direct Qiefa Jia workers with high hardness materials, the cutting resistance is also small, and the processing state of stability.
Epoch deep cut from the fillet processing mills known instance of the tool performance, particularly for high hardness materials has obvious advantages when deep cutting. In short, give full play to the role of corner end mills can be quenched on the material after heat treatment directly groove processing, shorten the process for processing, can dramatically reduce processing costs. Experiments show that the fillet end mill machining efficiency can be increased by 5 times, and processing fees can be reduced 35%.