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Repair woodworking cutting tools wear safety technology
Author:web Views:(9676)     Date:2010-08-11

Cutting grinding repair work regular contact with sharp cutting tools and high-speed rotation of the wheel, little carelessness is prone to accidents. To attract much attention.
1, file saw, grinding machines, grinding machines should be installed in relatively bright light areas, because of the vision to do the work of cutting tools is very important. Cutting and trimming Cutting tools should focus on the subsidiary storage and safekeeping for the job.
      2, grinding wheel shall be equipped with rugged protective cover, the operator should wear a protective glasses, or to facilitate the work of the case, part of the machine work to install the organic board, so as not to damage the eyes grinding particles. The sliding part of the machinery to keep clean, so that grinding dust by the wear and tear on the machine tool life.
      3, in order to place and store cutting tools and cutting tools, the tools should be dedicated rack or tool cabinet. Band saw blade should be flat on the shelf; saw blades and grinding wheel hanging in the gallows or dedicated wall; planer, milling cutter, drill bits and other tools on the special cabinet or shelf. Do not stack flat wheel too high to avoid damage from excessive pressure, but will wheel crushed.
      4 wheel work in order to avoid an accident, the grinding wheel before use to check the availability of crack, a broken wheel to prohibit the use of machine tools. Operators to avoid standing on the front wheel, the other drive in machine tools (such as belts) should also be equipped with protective devices.
      5, installation and cutting tools before, to check for damage and cutting tools, sharpening is correct, the bolts must be tight because of strong and reliable cutting tools. And should use the appropriate wrench, wrench, hammer and other metal beat nuts. Tight due to head bolts with a wrench, the blade should be fixed in place and head to avoid head bumps fingers turn wrench slippage.
      6, band saw blade is less than the original width